Insurance for Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals

The Types Of Insurance We Arrange

We arrange commercial insurance of various types with particular emphasis on the health and wellbeing communities.

We insure Yoga Teachers and Trainers, Complementary Therapists of most types, Fitness and Exercise Instructors, Dance teachers, Pilates & Tai Chi instructors to name a few. We can also accommodate First Aid Practitioners, Assessors & Trainers including Health & Safety and other forms of corporate training, as well as a variety of specialist activities involving babies and children.

Malpractice & Professional Liability Insurance

Our policy provides Malpractice (Professional Indemnity), Public Liability and Products Liability cover combined in one policy. It caters for a wide range of activities practised by Instructors, Therapists & Trainers and cover is available for individuals, partnerships, limited companies, entities and groups.

The policy is an annual contract and is available to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and cover is automatically included for temporary teaching/practising anywhere in the world for an unlimited number of days (please note that any claim against you must be filed in the UK courts and will be subject to UK law).

Cover is underwritten on a Claims Made basis with an unlimited Retroactive date to cover work done prior to the commencement of the policy, plus a 3-year run-off period to cover claims made after the cessation of your business as a result of your retirement, maternity/paternity, permanent disability, death or temporary sabbatical.

Our standard Limit of Indemnity for most activities is £7,000,000 however this can be increased to £10,000,000 for a small additional premium.

Cover for teaching or training of others in respect of your business activities is automatically included within our standard cover where you are qualified to do so.

Our policy can also be extended to cover temporary guest tutors/locum working on your behalf along with contingent/vicarious liability insurance where you many be using other instructors/therapists/trainers to work on your behalf where they hold their own insurance cover.

Public Liability Cover Premises Risk

Our policy automatically covers you for classes/sessions/treatments carried out from your home (for the malpractice and public liability cover in respect of your business activities) however you may need to consider whether you wish to extend your cover to include Public Liability in respect of the premises risk for your home. This extension protects your legal liability arising from your ownership/occupancy of the premises should someone suffer an injury whilst visiting your home for business purposes e.g., a client trips on a loose/uneven flagstone or slips on a floor you have left wet, and looks to hold you responsible.

This cover is also available if you run a studio/therapy or treatment rooms from leased or rented premises where you are responsible for such incidents arising at the property.

Legal Expenses

Available as an add-on to the Professional Indemnity cover there are sections offering defence against Criminal Prosecution, Tax Protection, Property Disputes and Data Protection as standard, with Contract Disputes cover also available as a further option.

Essentially with Legal Expenses cover you are buying advice as much as an insurance policy. For minimal cost you can have access to professional lawyers 24/7 in relation to any matters concerning your business – as often as you need them – to steer you through a labyrinth of legislation when necessary and for advice on the procedures and/or claims to follow.

This cover is available to both individuals and companies.

See the Insurance Policy Summary Document here and the full policy wording here.

Personal Accident

Also available as an add-on to our Professional Indemnity policy, our Personal Accident cover provides a level of income protection for instructors, therapists and trainers in the event that an accident leaves them wholly incapacitated for their work. In the event of disability following an accident, the policy will provide benefit for Temporary Total Disablement commensurate with earnings. You will require a UK National Insurance number to apply for this cover.

Cover operates within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man only.

Capital benefit sums are also provided in respect of death, loss of sight, loss of a limb and permanent total disablement following an accident.

See the Personal Accident summary of benefits and policy summary here and the full policy wording here.

Studios, Fitness Centres & Therapy Clinics

We are also able to arrange cover for studios, fitness centres and therapy clinics including cover for buildings, business contents/equipment, business interruption and tenants’ improvements.