Property and Premises

Buildings, Business Contents/equipment & Business Interruption insurance

Our Professional Liability insurance can be extended to include other optional covers, including property and business equipment to cover loss or damage to business property and equipment that you own and/or are responsible for. 

Subject to satisfactory underwriting eligibility, we can add commercial buildings, business contents/equipment/stock along with interruption of business cover.  If you have a home studio or treatment room (of standard construction) that is not attached to your residential dwelling and you wish to insure it separately along with its contents, then you may be able to include this with your Professional Liability teaching/treatment insurance.

For further details please see the policy summaries and wordings below:

Public Liability Premises Risk

We can also extend the cover provided by your Professional Liability insurance to include the Public Liability premises risk at your studio/centre or your own home.  These days it is not uncommon for instructors, trainers and therapists to work from their own studios, centres, clinics, or other premises – even a home studio or therapy room.

If you either own or lease a building that you are responsible for, then you will certainly need adequate Public Liability cover while in a non-working situation e.g., a client tripping over your steps or stairs and holding you responsible as the property owner/occupier.  Such cover is required to protect your legal liability to all third parties who enter your premises.

Whilst our Professional Liability insurance will cover you to teach or practice in any venue, we do urge you to ensure that the Public Liability Premises risk is also covered if you are in any way responsible for the premises in which you work. If you are simply renting or hiring a shared space, then there is a good chance that the landlord will already be offering the necessary cover through their insurance but if you are responsible for the building and the activities being practised therein, then the responsibility for Public Liability cover will also be yours.

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