tai-chi instructors - wellbeing insurance

Tai Chi Instructors

Who is it for?

We provide cover for both Health Tai Chi and Martial Tai Chi instructors.

Martial includes vigorous contact & combat work, usually incorporating blocks, kicks, blows and throws (note, any martial arts-related competition activity that includes physical contact between participants is excluded). Health Tai Chi would incorporate ‘pushing hands’ and weapons forms.

Because our policy wording is much wider than that often obtained by Martial Arts practitioners, we don’t provide additional separate student liability cover. Some underwriters insist on all students carrying their own students’ liability policy as well, possibly in an attempt to restrict the liability of the instructor. Conversely, we take the view that the instructor is responsible for all that goes on in the practice hall.

Gyms, Fitness Centres and Training Schools can all be accommodated under the scheme, please see our Services page for further details of the cover available or Contact us for more information.