Wellbeing insurance pricing

Our pricing structure and why choose Wellbeing Insurance?

At Wellbeing Insurance, we provide bespoke insurance specifically designed to meet the requirements of Health, Fitness and Wellbeing specialists, as well as First Aid/Health & Safety practitioners, trainers & consultants.

We arrange the Professional liability insurance protection that underpins their professional work and, unlike some other brokers, this is the sole focus of our business – it’s what we specialise in.

Some brokers and insurers sell their policy only as an online product.We are different and we pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer service, both pre- and post-sale, and continue to deal with email and telephone queries throughout the insurance year as these arise. Being a small company allows us to respond quickly and personally to all enquiries.  We have always regarded ourselves as being a part of the service industry and continue to do so, while enjoying the benefit of providing an online ‘quote & buy’ product for the flexibility and convenience of our clients.



Our pricing

Gentle therapies & Activities

Most of the activities and gentle therapies we insure are regarded as low-risk and cover for these currently costs £54.40 per annum.

Strenuous, Niche & High Impact Exercise

Some more strenuous exercise types and niche therapies are medium-risk and cost £69.11, while the higher impact activities and more invasive therapies are considered as being high-risk and rated at £83.80.


Students in training who are permitted to practice while working towards their qualification pay a reduced amount – £35.59.

First Aid Practitioners/Trainers

First Aid Practitioners/Trainers and other Health & Safety Trainers together with Corporate and Security Trainers are rated separately. Premiums range between £80£130 depending upon the nature of the work.

(all figures quoted here are inclusive of insurance premium tax and fees but are intended as a guide only)

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“Thanks for being a brilliant insurance company. I’ve been with you probably for 16 years (!) and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

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