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Case Study: Gary Evans of The Forest Bathing Institute

complementary therapy insurance case study The Forest Bathing Institute

The Forest Bathing Institute was set up by Gary Evans and his wife Olga in 2016. They each have a background incorporating Yoga practice and teaching, Sound Therapy, Healing techniques and Mindfulness Meditation and together set up their company Holistic Healing Therapy Ltd focusing on adult education, mindfulness, stress management and healthy lifestyle ideas. The Forest Bathing Institute (TFBI) further develops this work, while also fostering research work with leading UK Universities and working with the NHS and engaging Government to bring attention to the huge potential long-term public health benefits of nature for wellbeing. TFBI is the biggest UK influencer of Forest Bathing and its reach extends globally.

Forest Bathing (from the originating Japanese Shinrin-yoku) is a practice or process of therapeutic relaxation where one spends time in a forest or natural atmosphere, focusing on sensory engagement to connect with nature. It enables both personal development and growth of awareness, and because being at one with nature can encourage a greater sense of serenity and peace within, this growth and development can become self-perpetuating. Furthering the extensive research into the physiological validity of Shinrin-yoku by Professor Li in Japan is now a vital component of TFBI’s work.

Gary’s earliest interest in nature was instilled by his father and virtually all his memories of his father have a nature backdrop to them. Throughout his later spiritual sojourn, first in Egypt, the Americas and then in India, Gary developed a fascination with Archaeoacoustics (the study of sound at ancient sacred sites).

Gary’s love of nature has sustained and driven his interest. His quest to realise and prove its value to the health of humankind has inspired and formed the work of the institute. Why, he wondered, was meditation more accessible seated next to a big old oak tree in an ancient woodland, than in a meditation room set aside for the purpose? The calming atmosphere that such a woodland provides, supplied the answer.

The Forest Bathing Institute has a vision:

  • To fully research and understand the effect of spending time in nature using Forest Bathing for human health.
  • For Forest Bathing to be available as a prescription option for doctors and health care professionals across the UK and Globe, being delivered by fully trained teams of Forest Bathing+ guides.
  • To see communities and individuals able to boost their own health and wellbeing through a better understanding of the health benefits of nature.
  • To protect and expand woodland environments and homes of critically endangered species through our research and activity

To accomplish this vision, The Forest Bathing Institute is training and encouraging more leaders of Forest Bathing throughout the UK and further afield, while simultaneously working on university study design and implementation, funding, and ethical approval. Gary also takes part in regular media interviews and has co-led countless Forest Bathing events to the public, journalists, scientists, the NHS, Forestry Commission, and a variety of wildlife charities and organisations.

Wellbeing Insurance were approached for insurance for The Forest Bathing Institute leaders whose roles primarily involve leading groups of participants into forests and woodland to benefit from the peaceful environs and enjoy the calming effects these instil. Already conversant with the requirements of Meditation Teachers, Mindfulness Practitioners of varying types, and Health & Wellbeing Coaches, Wellbeing Insurance were happy to oblige with the necessary Malpractice and Public Liability insurance.

The pleasure derived by us at Wellbeing Insurance in helping Gary and Olga and their expanding team, is warmly reciprocated by Gary Evans who comments

We have been delighted working with Nigel and the Wellbeing Insurance team and are confident that they answer our queries satisfactorily and help our trainers, therapists, and leaders to arrange their own insurance cover quickly and efficiently.