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    Terms of Business Agreement

    Any quotation/insurance we may provide will be based on the following assumptions that we have made about you:

    • You have not had any claims made against you, or incidents that would give rise to a claim under this policy, during the last 5 years as a result of any negligence, error or omission arising out of your business. Neither are you aware of any circumstances that may result in any such claim being made against you.
    • No company has ever declined your proposal, cancelled or refused to renew your policy or required special terms or conditions.
    • You do not have any convictions that are not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.
    • You have never been declared bankrupt or insolvent or been disqualified from being a company director.
    • You have never been subject to a disciplinary hearing or suspended from any professional organisation.

    If any of these assumptions are incorrect please contact us with full details.